Im a Sussex born gardener, with many years of gardening experience, working in different kinds of gardens and farms, all over UK and abroad.

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Ive harvested experiences working in small domestic gardens to larger 12 acre estates, as well as living and working in various farms in New Zealand, Switzerland and Scotland. Im reliable, hardworking, and friendly. My qualifications are with the RHS level3 , as well as Certificate in Organic/Biodynamic approach to agriculture and horticulture. Attended various seminars and courses on a Natural scientific approach to plants, with interesting personalities such as Heinz Grill, Margaret Colquhoun. Ive also gathered lots of experience as a teacher of Physical Education to children, for 20years, and Yoga teaching and studies in other movement exercises.  Im currently working as Garden and Farm tutor at Sunfield school in Clent, Worcester. 

My Vision

To create aesthetically beautiful gardens and landscape environments 
by giving gardeners the opportunity to grow a capacity to think, feel and act with real, life processes at work in nature. 

Events & Workshops
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Coming soon