Seasonal gardening activities

Seasonal gardening activities

Throughout the annual cycle of year the garden shows an ever changing seasonal picture, it changes in its appearance, in its mood and quality, and as it changes so too the gardeners tasks change.

In summer flowers and fruits form, as plants are held upright in lighter, warmer days. Butterflies flutter across flower lit meadows, bees drink nectar.

Gardeners harvesting, watering, cutting grass.

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In spring new green life springs forth, sprouting, unfolding and flowering into the lighter, becoming warmer days. Leaves burst, first flowers show their colours and forms. 

Gardeners sprout into action, busily preparing beds, sowing seeds, watering. 

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In autumn life fades from the plants, leaves fall, seeds emerge. Days come colder, darker. 

Gardeners rake leaves, make compost, clear beds, prune, feed the soil. 

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In winter the earth concentrates its activity below ground, growth above ground slows, branches become bare in deciduous trees, colours and textures of a trees bark shine, days are colder, darker, snow perhaps and maybe some small pockets of winter flowers.


Gardeners may harvest winter veg, or enjoy the colours and textures of a winter garden or gathering ideas and planning the next seasons growth.

The seasons do not describe a dead, sterile empty event, but a lively, animated life process that carries the opportunity for meaningful experiences,

which lead people to knowing insights about the natural world. 



So, just as the garden grows throughout the seasonal year, the gardener can also grow an understanding about the garden they are tending to.

Garden activities to participate with the seasonal year.

If we look to the growth of the sunflower in the seasonal year,

from sprouting in spring,

to flowering in summer,

to withering in autumn,

so we find a feeling for the 'mood' of the season, and in a simple way make first steps to participate with the seasonal year. 

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