Artistic expression

As a gardener looks to the plant, with interest, so a plant picture arises within.


Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 06.38.44.png

A plant picture, filled with colours of green, or reds, yellows, and shapes so round and smooth, or thin and pointed, and maybe the senses add a soothing or uplifting scents, or the touch of a thorny spike or velvety leaf.

What delight a plant picture can bring, as we sketch away with the earthly senses.

But what is that more aesthetic, lively quality, which the plant freely gives? 


That shimmer in the spaces between the leaf or the radiant glowing of the flower?  What is the elusive ‘that’, pursued by the interested artist wanting to capture on canvas, or the poet wanting to recreate in a wordy scene or the musician in a melody, or the conventional scientist wanting to capture in weights and measures, or particles and equations?


Always present, a subtle, timeless quality expresses itself through the plant held in earthly time.   How can one express this experience in an artistic way?