What is plant?

All over the earth we can see one green plant grows in many differing forms.
The plant grows in differing forms in different climatic regions.

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On looking to the plant we see it is rooted to, and grows out of the earth
towards the light and warmth of the sun.


The plant is part of the earth organism and grows towards the sun organism. It has its roots in the earth, springs and sprouts to above, revealing leaf and stem, then stem and flowers, and
finally dies back towards the earth from which it came.
We can experience this life cycle of the plant by carrying out a simple movement exercise 
given from Heinz Grill. It is a series of 7 hand gestures, which describe the plant as it grows from seed, to leaf and stem, stem and flower, flower opens, finds its way back to the earth.
As you observe and develop a subtle feeling for the movement exercise so you experience the plant as a living thing. To practice, 

The living plant covers the whole earth, 
in many forms, 
striving towards the sun,
mediating and giving
a lively, aesthetic into the world, 
as it grows throughout the seasonal year.



This striving from the earth, towards the sun and dying back to the earth 
the plant does in relation to the seasonal year.


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Sunflower Field