Resources for Garden philosophy


Perceiving nature


Arber, Agnes

  • The mind and the eye

  • The natural philosophy of plant form 

Adams and Whicher

  • Plant between sun and earth

  • The living plant

Bann, Bastian

  • Lord of the elements


  • Bockemuhl and JarvinenExtraordinary Plant qualities for Biodynamics

Bortoft, Henry

  • The wholeness of nature

Collot d’Herbois, Liane

  • Colour


  • Scientific studies

  • The metamorphosis of plants

  • Theory of colour

Grill, Heinz



Humbolt, Alexander von

  • Personal Narrative of a journey to the Equionoctial regions of the new continent

Kumar, Sattish

  • Soul, soil, society.

Lehrs, Ernst

  • Man or matter

Marti, Ernst

  • The etheric Vol 1 and Vol 2

Schumacher, EH

  • Small is Beautiful

Schmidt, Dorian

  • Life forces-formative forces

Seamon and Zajonc

  • Goethes way of Science

Steiner, Rudolf

  • Nature spirits

  • Natures open secret

  • Spiritual ecology (collection of lectures)

Whicher, Olive

  • Sun space


Adalbert Count Keyserlingk

  • Developing biodynamic Agriculture 

Lord Northbourne

  • Look to the land

Karl Konig

  • Social farming

Pfeiffer, Ehrenfried

  • Biodynamic gardening and farming

  • Grow a garden and be self sufficient

  • A Modern Quest for the Spirit

Garden design and landscaping architecture

Jellicoe and Jellicoe

  • The landscapes of man

Jeremy Naydler

  • Gardening as scared art

Christopher Day

  • Spirit and place

  • Environment and Children